Test Kit eSIM

Test Kit eSIM Profile

Test Kit eSIM
Download instant connectivity via QR code without the need to buy the SIM card and have it delivered. Experience global coverage, a prepaid service period, and reliable network access for seamless operations – Just download and connect. Download this eSIM profile to any SGP.22 (consumer) enabled device now and experience new levels of convenience and flexibility.
Data package
$7.99 (excl. VAT)
Digital delivery

Product Description

Experience seamless global IoT connectivity with just a QR code and without committing to a long contract! Try our new eSIM Trial Package now!

Adopt our game-changing commercial eSIM profile that offers seamless global connectivity for modern IoT applications, and is now available on a short-term contract and through a QR code. This powerful eSIM profile enables your devices to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Download to any SGP.22-enabled device and say goodbye to the hassles of multiple contracts, expensive roaming charges, and limited coverage without having to buy a SIM.

With this package, you will receive an eSIM profile with:

  • Global coverage
  • Multiple network support
  • Easy activation
  • Secure connection
  • Remote management

Greater convenience
Experience hassle-free global connectivity. Avoid the need for multiple contracts or physical SIM cards.
Reduced costs
Eliminate expensive roaming charges, allowing you to save money on your connectivity expenses.
Enhanced security
Protect your data and ensure the confidentiality of your communications. Our eSIM profile provides a secure connection.
Data Control
Manage your data usage and expenses, giving you greater control over your connectivity costs.

Immerse yourself in the world of innovation, with access to the exceptional IoT Suite as part of this package. Experience a hassle-free journey with its intuitive interface, that empower you to effortlessly track devices, visualize essential data, and catalyze business growth through insightful decision-making.

Technical Information

Technical Specification
Warranty period
6 months
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